What’s in a name?

Hopefully not too much … as this was the name plaque on my door at Parents’ Meeting this weekend –


At the other end of the name spectrum – I now have my own meme, which makes me feel totes ahead of the curve .  I arrived at school on Wednesday to find it stuck on the inside of my locker door –


Me and Leo – yay!  But I soon found myself fretting …  does this really capture my essence? Can you discern my je ne sais quoi – even with a ridiculous hat on?

Time to get a grip, I realised – essence or no essence, Hardon for Bardon inside my locker is a hell of a lot better than Mr Lousie B on my classroom door.

But it’s not just the Barden name that’s been up for laughs this week; there are some names over here that still make me smile, no matter how often I hear them.

For example, my new dentist is straight out of happy families … Dr Chew.

Then at school there’s Jo Kin, which gives us teachers the opportunity for all sorts of banter:

‘You must be Jo Kin?’

‘No, I’m not Jo kin.’

‘I hope you’re Jo Kin.’

etc etc

And how about Kang Foo?

Then the very talkative girl in one of my classes, who’s called Yap.

And my current favourite … Amberlyn.  If there was ever a name crying out for a meme, then this is it –


I hope you’re impressed by my newfound skill – my life has taken on a new meme-ing.