The Crab Crew go to Crab Island

I suppose it was inevitable – like junkies drawn irresistibly to Amsterdam – that the Crab Crew would end up on Crab Island, or Pulau Ketam as it’s called in Bahasa.

Mr Tan, the man with a van, picked us up and took us to the port for a rather blustery ride across the Straits of Malacca, through the mangroves

and past fishing villages on stilts.

When we got to the island we headed straight for the restaurant, where the decor reminded me vividly of Cromer –

And then, finally, we were able to get down and dirty with some very sticky sauces and sumptuous seafood

A new dish for me was fresh oyster omelette – made at a roadside stall next to the resaurant –

There was much fun to be had afterwards on the fitness equipment

and posing in front of the local street art

When all of a sudden the artist’s muse himself arrived, and recreated his pose –

albeit looking reassuringly less like Frankenstein’s monster in the flesh.

After more photo opportunities on the way home, I have just one question to ask:  why is it that when I’m behind the camera, everyone looks like a normal human being –

But as soon as I’m in front of the lens –

the wind whips up and obscures me from view?

It’s either a tribute to my photographic skills, or the gods of photogenicity are conspiring against me … and I’m tending towards the latter.