Crustacean Fixation

Is this a recognised obsession, or am I the only sufferer?

It’s only really surfaced since my arrival in Malaysia.  I spent the previous decade living a mere 10 miles from the home of the Cromer Crab without developing any symptoms at all … apart from a totally understandable urge to snigger at the crab-shaped lights decorating the Cromer seafront.  But after three months here, I’ve developed a full-blown mania.

It all started on a trip to the seaside, where I first tried salted egg yolk prawns –

– and they were so delicious that I found myself sucking the empty shells after all the prawns had been eaten.  Only my own shells, I hasten to add – although that was in the early days of my infatuation, so God knows what lengths I mightn’t go to now, if I found myself in the same prawn-deprived situation.

Then I was told that the home of salted egg yolk seafood is Penang – and the salted egg yolk crab is the dish to go for – so I had to go and try it –

and I was hooked.

The wonderful thing about crabs in Asia is that they are served hot and white; no prissy ‘dressed crab’ here – which I always think is an excuse for putting just one measly spoonful of crab meat onto a pile of brown sludge that tastes like ptomaine poisoning in a shell.

And it’s not just the crabs in Penang that are wonderful – the prawns are pretty amazing too – and you can choose the ones that take your fancy –

– this one was about the size of my forearm.

And then last month in Singapore, at the Hillman Restaurant, I lost my inhibitions.

Chilli crab is the dish to eat in Singapore – and their food website tells us:

“The king of all crab dishes, this popular dish is served with the shell on, and is typically eaten with one’s hands. Make sure you have plenty of napkins handy – it’s messy work!″

… and it certainly was.  This was my chilli crab when it arrived –

and this is what the table looked like after I’d finished –

I was the floor show for the evening – the staff kept popping out of the kitchen to stare at me, as chilli sauce dripped off my elbows and I wiped it off my nose with the tablecloth, but I didn’t care.

Last week my infatuation moved to another level at Restoran New Wong Poh, where we had chilli crab, salted egg crab, plus my new favourite – butter crab.

You even get your own hammer –

so you can splatter your friends with chilli sauce

or you can just cover yourself if you prefer –

We’re now forming the Tuesday Night Crab Club, so I’ll be able to indulge my passion on a regular basis.  If I can find similar enthusiasts for a Prawn Thursday and a Clam Saturday, then my happiness will be complete.