Continuing my love affair with salted egg

Finding out recently that Malaysia is the fattest nation in SE Asia and that Malaysians also have the highest rate of diabetes didn’t come as such a surprise to me as it might have done a few months ago, when I thought Malaysian food was all about the rice, the laksa and the tropical fruit.

Now I’m a bit more savvy and I know about the cake shops, the sweet shops, the dessert restaurants – but until a couple of weeks ago I didn’t know anything about the ultimate weapon in the waistband-straining and cholesterol-raising armoury … Dotty’s.

I don’t know when this photo was taken, but I’ve never seen the place without a huge queue outside, so it was either very early in the morning, or they were holding the blubbery hordes back with cattle prods to get an uncluttered shot.

Dotty’s has managed to combine the divine salted egg yolk – usually served as a coating for seafood – with a sweet cream, and then stuff it inside something even sweeter and fattier.

But the salted eggyolk roll is just for beginners … my arteries barely twitched when I had of these.

For those of us who prefer a more hardcore approach to atherosclerosis and advanced degenerative fatty liver, allow me to introduce you to the cronut

– everything that is bad about the croissant and the doughnut added together and then topped with more fat and sugar.  And the salted egg variety is so popular that they’d run out the day I went in – so I opted for the alternative coronary special …

… the cruffin – a buttery croissant dough baked in a muffin shape, and served with a whole variety of cholesterol-enriched toppings.

The salted eggyolk cruffin is black, enormous and

tastes just like diabetes on a doily.

I have decided to ration myself to one a month so that I won’t have to buy two seats on the plane for my return – one for me, and one for my non-detachable excess baggage.