The Cambodian Teacher’s Wardrobe Dilemma

I received the instructions this week from the community project school where I will be volunteering as a teacher.  I have learnt that the Khmer culture requires modesty, and in addition teachers are highly respected in Cambodia, and must dress in an appropriately dignified way – and in particular must not display shoulders, knees or cleavage.  I suppose it’s the same sort of rules that the Queen adheres to in the UK, but unlike the Queen I have to contend with a tropical climate – so natural fabrics only.

Having taken advice and plumped for linen, I have scoured ebay and have come up with a couple of possibilities.  First is the Bohemian Arty look, with Tie-dye linen smock and cropped trousers:


Secondly is the Nehru look, with linen trousers and long  flowing top:


I shall continue to work on this – perhaps Lawrence of Arabia next?

But I don’t think I can go for bright colours like the Queen, as they apparently attract mosquitoes, so I will have to look dignified in a muted sort of way … the Farrow and Ball approach to dignity.