Admiring the rubbish bins on the French Riviera

You know you’re in a classy place when they have bespoke rubbish bins. When we arrived in Eze on the first leg of our garden tour of the Côte d’Azur, it was no surprise to find a series of very tasteful designer bins, showcasing the highlights of the village.

Apart from the bins, Eze is also famous for its garden, which is set on the hillside with fabulous views of the coast.

The jagged spiky plants set among the rocks enhance the dramatic setting of the village, perched up high in the hills of Provence.

Tulips or bluebells just wouldn’t have the same impact in this setting.

There’s also a group of earth goddesses, standing around with a feigned insouciance, like a group of influencers at the latest instagrammable hotspot.

According to the guide book they marry divine purity with earthly femininity in an idealistic form. I was glad to learn that they were idealistic and not realistic, as they were making me feel very dumpy and underdressed with my backpack and sunhat.

I started to wish I knew more about plants. Some were labelled, but I had to make up my own names for others.

Whereas this one had no label, so I’ve named it Cactus Edged with Tippex

Next stop on our garden tour of the Riviera is Monaco. Can’t wait …